WE SPECIALISE IN Logistics and Haulage service

Specialist Logistics Services

Clearing and forwarding

Yaa Salaam offers professional clearing and forwarding services to ensure the hassle-free movement of your goods across international ...

Sea and Land Logistics Documents Clearance

We specialize in sea and land logistics, and document clearance. Our dedicated experts handle the complex process of ...

Heavy Trucks Transportation

When it comes to transporting oversized or heavy cargo, Yaa Salaam has you covered. Our fleet of specialized ...

Inter State Passenger Transportation

Yaa Salaam provides dependable inter-state passenger transportation services, connecting cities and regions across state boundaries. Our well-maintained fleet ...

General Cargo delivery

Efficient and timely delivery of general cargo is our expertise at Yaa Salaam. We handle the transportation of ...

Sea Port Equipment Rental Services

Yaa Salaam offers sea port equipment rental services to cater to your specific needs in port operations. Whether ...

Sea Port Terminal General Labor Services

We provide skilled general labor services to support the smooth functioning of seaport terminals. Our experienced workforce assists ...
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10+ Years

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About Company

Yah Salam Logistics and Haulage

Yah Salam Logistics and Haulage brings a wealth of experience to the table. With extensive industry expertise, our skilled professionals possess a deep understanding of logistics and haulage. We excel in navigating complexities, anticipating challenges, and delivering exceptional solutions. Our solid reputation for reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction is built on successfully executing numerous projects. When you partner with us, you can trust in our tailored, cost-effective, and seamless logistics services that propel your business forward.

Global Service

From international freight forwarding to cross-border logistics solutions, our global services connect continents, providing efficient and reliable transportation for businesses worldwide.

Local Service

With a strong local presence and extensive knowledge of regional logistics, we offer tailored solutions for seamless domestic transportation, ensuring timely deliveries and superior customer satisfaction.


Together, we have your logistical challenges covered.

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